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Cleaning your home in time for Christmas

If you are one of the many people who are dreading Christmas chores, read on for helpful tips on how to make your Christmas cleaning easy.

To make your Christmas cleaning easier, don’t try to clean everything; you can just concentrate on the rooms that will be used over Christmas such as living and dining areas, bathrooms and guest bedroom. If you are having guests staying over Christmas, don’t forget that they are not there to inspect your cleanliness but to spend some quality time with you.

Christmas planning tips

  1. Locate some time to clear out old toys and make room for the new ones. You can sell them on Ebay, Gumtree or donate to a charity shop of your choice.
  2. Make space for all the Christmas food by defrosting your freezer
  3. Tidy your food cupboards to make room for Christmas food, throw away out of date food and make a list of essentials you will need over Christmas
  4. Clean your oven thoroughly to prepare for cooking a Christmas feast. If you are too busy why not call your local oven cleaning company. Then you could spend the free time to shop for Christmas presents.
  5. Before Christmas is also a time of year for a deeper Christmas cleaning – hoovering under sofas, cleaning inside of cupboards in the kitchen and bathroom and getting rid of cobwebs.
  6. Do as much washing and ironing before Christmas so you can have a well deserved break. Again, if you are too busy, you can call your local ironing service company to help you out.
  7. Few days before you start your Christmas decorations, bring all of it down and check if the lights work and there are no broken decorations. If needed, you still have time to dash to the shops to buy some more decorations.
  8. If you are getting stuck into all the Christmas cleaning, why not have a quick tidy of your loft too.
  9. Make sure there’s enough stuff like sellotape and batteries in the house. If you’ve bought electronic stuff for the kids/partner make sure you’ve got the right batteries to fit.
  10. Don’t forget to clean the windows and the front door/doorstep and sweep the leaves away to make a good impression when your guests arrive.

3 week guide to prepare your house for Christmas

3 weeks till Christmas cleaning to-do list

Bedrooms and guest bedrooms

Are you having your family over during Christmas? It’s time to get the guest bedroom ready by changing the bedding. Make sure you have guest towels ready and give the guest bathroom a clean. Dust and vacuum the guest bedroom so it’s fresh and ready to be used by your guests when they arrive.

If you have a feeling that you will be getting a new clothes from Santa this Christmas, make sure you have enough space in your wardrobe. It’s great to have a clear out and donate your old or never worn clothes and shoes to the charity.

2 weeks till Christmas cleaning to-do list


First and foremost, get your oven cleaned so you can cook the turkey to perfection. Dirty oven can affect the taste of your food, not mentioning the smell of burnt food lingering through the house.

Clean your fridge by taking everything out of the fridge and throwing away out of date food. Clean the inside of your fridge with soapy water and clean sponge. You’ll have plenty of space in your fridge too.


Give the bathroom a good clean before your guests arrive for Christmas. Make sure any mould and limescale is cleaned and the toilet smells fresh.

1 week till Christmas cleaning to-do list

Living room and dining rooms

There’s time for one last vacuum leading up to 25th December, dusting and polishing the furniture. Set your dinner table the night before Christmas Day so you can fully enjoy it.

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Your lockdown cleaning checklist
Your lockdown cleaning checklist
November 02, 2020
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