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Pouring everything down the sink could cause blocked pipes and bad smell in the kitchen. Using your kitchen sink to dispose of everything can do more damage to the sewage system than you may realise.

Don’t put food waste down the drain

Instead of letting food go down the drain you should scrape the plates before washing them up or loading in the dishwasher. You will prevent blocked pipes and nasty smells.

Don’t pour old medication down the drain

Any form of medication or anything containing potentially harmful chemicals should be disposed of safely. Read the label and product information to find out how to dispose of these items safely.

Don’t pour grease or oil down the drain

Leave the oil to cool down and then transfer it into a sealed container. You can re-use excess oil for cooking purposes but only once or twice. Although it may seem harmful to pour oil down the sink, when liquid fat cools it solidifies. It can block pipes and waterways.

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