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Over time skirting boards and walls can become stained and dusty. Luckily, you don’t have to re-paint your walls, you can clean them by following our tips.

Cleaning Skirting Boards

First, dust them down either using a duster or hoover. Use a cleaning product such as Cif cream to gently scrub them and then wipe clean with clean water.

Cleaning Painted or Wood Walls

As most paints are designed to withstand light washing you can use a gentle multi-surface cleaner. However, if the walls have matte finish you will need a different approach to cleaning them. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines.

  • Cover furniture and carpet before starting
  • Use a microfibre cloth or duster to dust off the walls and remove cobwebs
  • Clean stains and marks first using a Cif cream or other cleaning product that can be used on walls
  • Gently wipe marks until they disappear
  • Scrubbing too hard can damage the paint and wall
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